Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Favorites: Fancy Pet Beds

Are you among the many people in this world who treat your pets like humans? I think quite possibly the creators of these fancy pet beds are in that group of people too!

Blue Willow Hand Painted Doggie Bed By Jakey BB:

Tree Stump Bed by A Fantasy Forest:

Vintage Suitcase Bed by Love Nostalgic Whimsy:

The Polonaise Pet Bed by Your Highness Pet Beds:

Luxury Haven Pet Bed by Furbabies Boutique:

Mosaic Pet Palace by Anne Rea Designs:

Designer Dog Bed by S&H Originations:

Our two cats would look adorable in any of these, but they prefer to sleep with us on our beds at night. Puff almost always chooses our daughter's bed these days while Slinky moves on and off of our bed. Not sure where he goes while everyone is asleep...