Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yes, I Know How To Use A Drill

After living in this house for almost 4 and a half years, today I finally put up some curtains in our living room. I was in the process of working on installing the rods when the kids got home from school. Our 10 year old saw me holding the drill and asked me if I knew how to use it (YES). Obviously I need to let our kids see me doing more around the house instead of scurrying around getting everything done while they are gone during the day. By the time they get home from school at 2:45pm the house is partially cleaned (it is rarely all clean at one time since I do a little every few days), their clothes are washed and put away, they have clean sheets on their beds and fresh food in the kitchen. The cats are fed, the library books have been returned and the dry cleaning has been picked up. Presents for their friends' parties have been purchased and wrapped.
The tooth fairy was here twice this week, maybe SHE did all of that work?!? (well, actually yes, but the almost 7 yr old does not know who SHE is yet). As a surprise one recent evening I made brownies from a mix and the kids were so excited they acted like I was the best mom EVER (usually I'm stupid, the rules are stupid, homework is stupid, clearing the table is stupid, going to bed on time is stupid, you get the idea). Maybe I should make them a batch of brownies from scratch and see what being treated like royalty feels like!
I ran out of daylight before I was done with the window treatments, hopefully I'll get a photo up in the next day or two :)