Wednesday, February 11, 2009

J. Crew Sweater Re-Do

Winter is my least favorite season; it seems endless and dreary to me.
I feel like I'm always cold, the sky is often gray, the grass is no longer green, the trees are bare, nothing blooms and I really miss the sunshine. I don't like skiing or other winter activities.
I only venture outside when necessary; never by choice this time of year. Good thing I can see the bus stop from my front windows and that my kids are old enough to walk there! I'm not a hermit, I'm just hibernating.
So back to the sweater. My very warm gray J. Crew cardigan lost a button a while back.
Since I didn't like the original brown wood-look buttons that came on the sweater; I decided to jazz it up a bit with an assortment of colored buttons! Here are the before and after pictures:

Let me know what you think. Any similar projects you've done? Show me!