Monday, February 2, 2009

Dishpan Hands

What a fun night we had last night watching the Super Bowl with family and friends! We had a wide variety of foods and drinks and a great big chocolate cake from Costco. I was too full to eat cake last night so I had it for breakfast today (bad girl!). The Steelers got the job done and all is right in the wide world sports.
Of course, the party aftermath is not so fun. Like waking the kids for school at 6:30 am after letting them stay up late last night. They reminded me of zombies when they stumbled out the door at 7 to catch the bus. Also not fun is having to make a lot of trips up and down the stairs to carry dirty serving platters, utensils, and crock pots up to the kitchen to clean them. My hands are starting to feel like sandpaper. Time to find my good Neutrogena skin repair lotion!
Between loads of laundry and party clean up, I did manage to take photos of one bag that I've just listed in my shop. It would be a cute gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. It is pink and brown with a little yellow thrown in for fun. It is just one of eight bags I made with Flutterby fabric from Moda; this print is hard to come by as it sold out quickly when it first launched. This is the only one in this line of my bags that is mainly pink.

The bag has three pockets on the inside and ties closed with matching brown fabric ties. The back is solid brown corduroy to match the bottom and straps. Click the image to see it in my shop "Maggie Sue Designs".