Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Get Ready For It

A wintry mix, that is! (wintery? winter-y?)
Our county is under yet another winter weather advisory overnight tonight. The last two times this has happened recently we just had rain. Since we're at 33 degrees right now and it is supposed to get slightly warmer, I think we'll dodge the bullet again. My son of course (5th grader) is hoping for a delayed school opening. My daughter (1st grader) is spending the week at home recovering from having her tonsils and adenoids removed this past Friday. So she does not really care one way or another. She'll be up early either way, she's feeling better each day and getting bored with staying home. And is tired of eating soft foods. She keeps asking for a cheeseburger which she rarely will eat on a normal day, so I'm not sure where that idea keeps coming from!
On another note, I was able to get a treasury list a short time ago. I based the color choices on the weather forecast. Hope you and yours are warm and dry tonight!