Thursday, December 11, 2008

Whine and Chocolate

This morning I wrote (whined) on Twitter that I would rather nap on my comfy couch than go to exercise class. I'm sure you'll all be relieved to know that I did the right thing and went to Jazzercise. It really is fun and a great workout, I just find it hard to leave home sometimes when facing a 30 minute drive in the rain to get there. So in addition to feeling a bit more energized from class; I also was the lucky winner of a randomly drawn door prize. THANKS ROBIN!

Now we all know what Santa does in his spare time!
I'll confess that there was more candy in the bag, but it mysteriously disappeared while I was driving home; I see only empty wrappers littering the car. Hmmm...
Now I'm heading upstairs to shower with my new body wash~ it smells great!


Nicole said...

Congrats on the's always a fun surprise to cheer up the day!! And kudos for deciding to go to your exercising class!! :) Now...don't you feel better?!? It at least canceled out the candy you ate on the way home...ha ha ha!! Have a great day!