Sunday, November 2, 2008

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition

Main Entry: excess
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: overabundance of something
Synonyms: balance, by-product, enough, exorbitance, exuberance, fat, fulsomeness, glut, inundation, lavishness, leavings, leftover, luxuriance, overdose, overflow, overkill, overload, overmuch, overrun, oversupply, overweight, plenty, plethora, profusion, redundancy, refuse, remainder, residue, rest, spare, superabundance, supererogation, superfluity, surfeit, surplus, the limit, too much of a good thing, waste, wastefulness

Usually it is my belief that there is no such thing as "too much of a good thing" when it comes to chocolate. But I've recently had to re-think that idea. Halloween candy givers were very generous in our area this year. On Halloween night, our son went out trick-or-treating with a friend in a nearby neighborhood. My husband and I took our daughter to a local parade. Our neighbors and their daughter went with us and a good (and candy-filled) time was had by all. Last night our small neighborhood had a party followed by trick-or-treating on our two streets. Which was followed by another small party. FUN! But back to my point about EXCESS~ I think you'll get the idea from the following photo which shows the candy collected by only one of our two kids. I sense some heavy-duty tooth brushing in our future...