Saturday, November 29, 2008


***I sent out my first email newsletter for Maggie Sue Designs. Now I'll sit back and hope that I don't have many people unsubscribe...
***I crossed the 500 "Hearts" mark on Etsy, 501 people now call my shop a favorite. THANK YOU!
***I am hoping to have at least 250 sales from my Etsy shop by the end of this year. I'm at 246 right now. I have a lot of great bags made up for the craft show this weekend; if there are any left I'll list them in my shop and maybe that will help me reach my mark.

What milestones have you recently reached? Goals planned for the New Year?

EDITED 11/30 at 9 pm:
As of today I've reached 255 sales. And those numbers include shoppers who may have bought more than one item (Today someone bought 6 different things from the shop).