Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Think I'm In Love

We were just introduced last evening.

By mid-day today I had made a commitment.

I think I'm in love with Project Wonderful. I've been trying to get by with word-of-mouth and free advertising up until this point, but I've been listening to the buzz about PW for months now and I finally took the plunge. So far so good!
I owe a big THANK YOU to Timothy at http://timothyadamdesigns.etsy.com/ who is very generous with sharing information. Not only does he create amazing metal jewelry, sculptures, furniture, and more; he seems genuinely interested in helping others improve their businesses. His presence on Twitter, Scoutle, and Etsy among other places is reaching a lot of people like me who will benefit from his tutorials and advice.
When you are ready to fall in love (with good business advice) Check out Timothy's blog at http://timothyadamdesigns.blogspot.com/
In the meantime, fall in love with some of Timothy's metal creations:


Jennifer said...

congrats for making the leap. if you'd like, you cann post an as on my blog..I have FREE spaces right now :)

Jennifer said...

heehee! I see your here! WELCOME!

Charity said...

Project Wonderful is awesome, isn't it. I love using the campaign feature over the weekend.

I've learned lots from Timothy's informative posts in the forums as well. He has great products and is a wonderful asset to the etsy community.