Saturday, October 25, 2008

Why I Love The Library

Because I love to read. Because it is free. Because it is close to home. Because I can use the Internet there if mine is down. Because I can take out an unlimited number of books for the kids when they are being picky. Because I can borrow CD's, DVD's and books on tape. Because they show free kids movies in the summer. Because librarians are great resources. Because I can read the current issues of my favorite magazines without subscribing. Because I can preview new craft books before buying.

Yesterday I picked up Amy Karol's current book. We crafty types know of her through her blog, Angry Chicken.

There are a ton of cute ideas in this book! Like a stuffed corduroy turtle that I might make for my nephew. She has included some great sewing tips for beginners and those with experience as well. I'm all about bending the rules whenever possible; and not just for sewing. I've always believed that cooking rules were made to be bent, although that might explain why some of the things I make are not really that enjoyable. As in barely edible. But I can bake pretty well!

If you have a recommendation for a great craft book, post it here!