Thursday, December 18, 2008

I just got home from cookie exchange party #1 of 2. The next one is Saturday morning, here in my neighborhood. Tonight I brought home a collection of yummy treats plus I enjoyed chatting with old friends as well as new ones. THANKS to Kristin for hosting this fun event!

In other news, I received my new ring from Firefall Studios today. They re-sized it for me and it fits perfectly! This is the ring I wrote about wanting back in October and now thanks to my parents for funding most of it as this year's gift; it now belongs to me. It has the birthstones of our two children which happen to look great together. Here's a photo in case you didn't memorize the image when I posted months ago...
The other neat thing about the stones in this ring is that there is one peridot, the birthstone of our 1st child and there are 2 amethysts~ the birthstone of our 2nd child. Get it?